Nessie Annabella MacSchecter

The backbone (and beard) of Monstrous Movie Music, Nessie Annabella MacSchecter is quite comfortable in her role as MMM’s mascot.   The fiery Scottish Terrier was named after “Nessie,” The Loch Ness Monster, because of the monstrous effect she has had upon the peace, quiet, and sleep habits of her owners.  With her ear-shattering high-pitched barks and squeals, she has transformed the tranquil offices of Monstrous Movie Music into a den of cacophony, and the constant attention she demands can only mean even more time than usual will pass between MMM releases!Nessie Crazed and Toothy

Nessie is a huge fan of film and TV, and in addition to following the on-screen antics of classic dog stars like Rusty and Asta, she loves almost all 1950s monster movies, barking incessantly whenever she catches a glimpse of everything from The Crawling Eye to Ghidorah to The Giant Gila Monster.  To her they’re just “critters.”  When not protecting us from such video invaders, she loves to merrily chase bunnies, California fence lizards, quail, and  pretty much everything she sees that moves, including blowing leaves and running water.  She’s particularly fond of one of our neighbors, perhaps because he resembles a Crawling Eye, only without the humongous eyeball and tentacles.

Nessie--A Rare Tranquil Moment

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