(and other creepy sounds)

Announcing the first MMM CD featuring original music tracks!  The Blob (and other creepy sounds) [MMM-1955] features the complete Ralph Carmichael score from the 1958 cult monster movie starring Steve McQueen.  The CD features every cue from the movie, as well as music not heard in the picture, totalling about 37 minutes -- all in original, gorgeous monophonic sound.  Of particular note is the unused “Main Title,” which was replaced by the Burt Bacharach/Mack David novelty song.  The original orchestral cue is an outstanding piece that perfectly prepares you for the unfolding horror of the movie – as opposed to the humorous approach the song took.  Both opening cues are included in this release.  And yes, that famous Burt Bacharach/Mack David novelty song is included!  Blob cover

The remainder of the CD is packed with almost 40 minutes of superb horror, suspense, and atmospheric cues from the Valentino Production Music Library, including pieces used in The Green Slime, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Terror From the Year 5000, as well as in the collectible album “Attilio Mineo Conducts Man in Space with Sounds.”  Film composers represented include such distinguished figures as Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, Roger Roger, and Mario Nascimbene.  There are a total of 57 tracks on this CD, and the music is guaranteed to ooze into your nightmares!  The cover features specially-commissioned art from Robert Aragon.  The Blob (and other creepy sounds) is guaranteed to ooze into your nightmares!  Click on the cover for more details!

“The Blob”
“Horror Bridge”
“Empty Crater”
“Climactic Curtain”
“Celestial Wonder” (Valentino cue)
“Birds in Flight” (Valentino cue by Lavagnino)
“New Threat” (Valentino cue)


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