Robert AragonRobert Aragon & Creature claw

Robert Aragon is a self-taught artist whose passion for science-fiction and horror films led him to a career focusing on the stars of these movies.  One of his admirers was the late Vincent Price, whose friendship and guidance was both a personal and artistic inspiration to him.  Robert Aragon and his dog

Aragon’s artwork covers a wide range of projects and styles, including books, portraits, comics, trading cards, guitar cases, skateboards, and nearly everything in between.  When he steps away from the canvas, the Oceanside, California resident enjoys surfing, collecting art and movie memorabilia, playing the piano, and writing children’s books.  The artist is represented by the prestigious Bridgeman Art Library, and you can view many of his works at his two web sites:  Robert Aragon and Dark Visions.  Below are some illustrations Robert drew for a gothic children’s book, “The Chocolate Man.”

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Aragon Chocolate Man Dean
Aragon Chocolate Man Hearse
Aragon Chocolate Man Face

Above three images from forthcoming book,
“The Chocolate Man,” written by Waide Aaron Riddle

Aragon's Karloff portrait
Aragon's Bela portrait
Aragon's L'il Linda portrait
Aragon's Colin Clive portrait
Young Robert Aragon

Robert, too young to be allowed to handle sharp pencils.

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