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More Monstrous Movie Music
Creature From the Black Lagoon (and other jungle pictures)
Mighty Joe Young (and other Ray Harryhausen animation classics)
This Island Earth (and other alien invasion films)
The Blob (and other creepy sounds)
The Intruder (and other music by Herman Stein)
It! The Terror From Beyond Space
Project Moon Base & Open Secret
The Monster That Challenged the World
Ship of Fools
Kronos/The Cosmic Man (2-CD set)
Rocketship X-M
The McCullochs
Destination Moon
The Brain From Planet Arous & Teenage Monster
The Last Man on Earth
Missile to the Moon & Frankenstein’s Daughter
She Demons & The Astounding She-Monster
Hellgate & Lost Continent
Virgin Sacrifice
The Tall Texan
Western Medley (2-CD set)
The Doll Squad
Juvenile Jive (2-CD set)
The Gatling Gun


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