Although we cram more into our liner books than practically anyone, there is a limit to how much we can squeeze into them, regardless of how small a font we use.  Therefore, a lot of information about the music we’ve recorded and some fun photos couldn’t be included in the books.  We’ll be putting a lot of that material up here from time-to-time, including some humor we were too embarrassed to have in print.


Hear the music that Ron Goodwin (probably) wrote for the circus wagon in the early version of The Day of the Triffids! This music cannot be heard anywhere else!


An analysis of the musical score for the first Godzilla sequel, Gigantis, the Fire Monster.


What’s involved in film music reconstructions, and why aren’t there reams of classic film scores and parts just waiting to be recorded?


Want to know what makes “monstrous movie music” different from other forms of movie music?  Find out here.


See a program from “Motion Picture Night,” a 1954 concert given by the Burbank Sympony Orchestra.  Guest conductors included Miklós Rózsa, Paul Smith, and Ray Heindorf, and the evening featured music by Herman Stein, Bronislaw Kaper, William Lava, Miklós Rózsa, Alfred Newman, Dimitri Tiomkin, Frank Skinner, and others.


Make Your Own Complete Creature From The Black Lagoon suite!


A few people have wondered whether The Alligator People should have been thematically-included on our “jungle picture” album, being as the film was set in the Louisiana bayou.  Here’s our justification why the film indeed belongs on a jungle CD with Tarzan and Creature From The Black Lagoon.


The Creature’s music is back with a vengeance in Revenge Of The Creature!


When Monstrous Movie Music was forming as a label in the mid-nineties and needed a memorable logo, many ideas were tossed around before we made our final decision. MMM logo


Knowing at the time that the 50th anniversary of the Roswell Incident was rapidly approaching, our Art Department came up with this alternate logo that was supposed to appeal to the “ET” crowd.  Wisely, we rejected it.


What’s the whole truth on those partial cue titles like “Kay And The Monster, Part 1,” “Tony Visits Port Royale, Part 2,” and “Monster Gets Mark, Part 1?”


If you want to own 1/20th of a Monstrous Movie Music liner book -- ABSOLUTELY FREE -- click HERE for a two-page close-up of our 40-page book for “Creature From The Black Lagoon (and other jungle pictures)!”


Which is correct?  Gill-Man, Gill-man, Gill Man, or Gillman?


For our Mighty Joe Young CD, special effects artist Ray Harryhausen (who worked on the 1949 film), was kind enough to go into a recording studio and clash some cymbals for us, which we later overdubbed into the movie’s cue, “Beautiful Dreamer.”  To hear a sample of Ray’s contributions, click below: 

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