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Monstrous Movie Music’s acclaimed recordings have been used by many production companies to help enhance their own products.  Due to the vibrant, dramatic manner in which our orchestral soundtrack music is recorded, our recordings of classic science-fiction, fantasy, and horror film music will perfectly add that frightening, exciting, or atmospheric touch to a wide variety of projects.  From movies to television to commercials all over the world, Monstrous Movie Music helps take your project to that next thrilling level. We also represent a number of composers, publishers, and rights owners regarding a wide range of classic film music, samples of which you can hear on our TRACK DESCRIPTIONS page.

Herman Stein's Creature themes


Because our recordings are done overseas, there are no “new use” fees involved.  And the streamlined nature of our company allows us to act in a very fast manner to fit your tightest deadlines.  In addition to working with some of the largest publishing houses, Monstrous Movie Music also has terrific relationships with many small publishing companies and master rights owners that control some of the most important original soundtrack recordings, and they are always eager to help things go as quickly and easily as possible!

If you need any expertise on classic film music, we’re a treasure trove of information!

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