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(and other jungle pictures)

CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON (and other jungle pictures) contains a 35-minute suite from one of the greatest monster movies of all-time, with a score that conjures both the beauty and horror of the Gill-Man’s Amazonian world.  While other albums have contained a few cues from this legendary 1954 Universal-International classic, this CD offers all the previously-unreleased music and the best pieces that this brilliant score has to offer.  Included are the first 17 cues in the picture, none of which have ever been released before! Creature Art

In addition, the suite contains all the music that was tracked into Creature From The Black Lagoon from earlier Universal pictures, such as Mr. Peabody And The Mermaid, City Beneath The Sea, East Of Sumatra, Ride Clear Of Diablo, and others.  Listening to this score is like experiencing dozens of your favorite Universal movies all at once!  Monster Gets Mark score

Some of the studio’s greatest composers, including the legendary Henry Mancini and Herman Stein, contributed some of their most memorable ‘50s monster music to this film, with ample support from Milton Rosen, Hans Salter, and Robert Emmett Dolan.  Rosen’s funky “Salvage Of The Lady Luck” with Hammond Organ will whisk you off to the ’50s like nothing short of a sock hop!  And after hearing the “Creature theme” blast from your speakers in stunning stereo sound, you’ll be singing “BAH!  BAH! BAHHH!” for the next ten years. 

Also on the album is a 5-minute suite featuring almost all the orchestral music music written for M-G-M’s famous TARZAN films of the 1930s and ’40s starring Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O’Sullivan, and everyone’s favorite chimp, Cheeta!  These vine-swinging movies had very little music in them, making the cues that were used very memorable.  The seven pieces include the wonderfully outlandish “A Cannibal Carnival,” which served as the Main Title for Tarzan Escapes, Tarzan Finds A Son!, Tarzan’s Secret Treasure, and Tarzan’s New York Adventure.  And of course, the suite closes with the gorgeous “My Tender One,” which ended four of the films on a triumphant note after Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta, and Boy vanquished their enemies and resumed their normal routine of day-to-day jungle living.  A Cannibal Carnival

Of special note is the long-lost cue “In The Woodland,” which was deleted from Tarzan Escapes before the film was released.  The evocative piece is heard on this CD for the first time since the 1936 scoring sessions!  And there’s even a :13 “End Title” that sounds like Cheeta laughing, because that’s what it was written to accompany!  Who else but Monstrous Movie Music would preserve this priceless moment featuring everybody’s favorite cinematic chimp?  The Tarzan suite contains important genre music from great composers like Herbert Stothart, William Axt, and Daniele AmfitheatrofTerry Glenny, Electric Violinist

As if that’s not enough, the album also contains Irving Gertz’s brilliant swampy score from the always enjoyable THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE.  Yes, the monster looks like a guy with some sort of colossal toothy squash on his head, and the sight of him deservedly evokes gales of laughter from viewers, but Gertz’s brilliant score treats the subject matter as if it were Shakespeare. Well, make that Shakespeare with an electric violin.  That’s right -- the fabulous fifties instrument that never got the respect the Theremin did -- makes a striking appearance in this score. 

Beverly Garland and Gator!The suite conjures all sorts of moods, and fans of the great composer’s music for The Incredible Shrinking Man, The Deadly Mantis, and The Monolith Monsters will enjoy this major work for a not-so-major film.  If all low-budget movies were treated with this much respect, the world would be a much better place, and our 16-minute suite offers almost all of Gertz’s thematic material.  Darken the lights, hide your alligator handbag, and enjoy a trip back to B-picture bliss! 

Composers Irving Gertz and Herman Stein, reunited after 35 yearsThe 40-page liner book features striking cover art by Robert Aragon, 21,000 words of information about the films, their scores, and the composers who wrote them, as well as a lagoon-full of jokes.  The book also contains 33 photos (some in color), including never-before-seen copies of the music manuscripts and close-ups of musical examples. 

The liner book text includes timings that match the digital read-out on your CD player -- so you can follow along with the music while you read.  You’ll become a monstrous movie music expert in less time than it takes the Creature to attack!

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MMM-1952     Total Time: 64:28

The M-G-M Tarzan films (1934 - 1942)
(Tarzan And His Mate, Tarzan Escapes, Tarzan Finds A Son!, Tarzan's Secret Treasure,Tarzan's New York Adventure)
   (Herbert Stothart, Sol Levy, William Axt, David Snell, Daniele Amfitheatrof)  [5:07]

  1. Fanfare  (Snell)/A Cannibal Carnival  (Levy)  (1:35)
  2. In The Woodland  (Stothart)  (1:16)
  3. Tarzan Montage  (Snell)  (:26)
  4. End Title  (Amfitheatrof)  (:13)
  5. New End Cast  (Stothart)  (:30)
  6. My Tender One  (Axt)  (1:07)

Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)
   (Herman Stein, Henry Mancini, Milton Rosen, Hans Salter, Robert Emmett Dolan) [35:34]Creature Masks

  7. Main Title  (Stein)  1:17
  8. Prologue  (Stein)  1:48
  9. The Webbed Hand  (Stein)  :33
10. The Diver  (Mancini)  1:07
11. Marine Life  (Mancini)  :30
12. Almost Caught  (Salter)  1:19
13. Digger’s Failure  (Mancini)  :48
14. Unknown River  (Mancini)  1:09
15. Tale Of The Mermaid  (Dolan)  1:06
16. Salvage Of The Lady Luck  (Rosen)  4:05
17. Duke’s Little Helper  (Mancini)  :34
18. Kay And The Monster, Part 1  (Stein)  2:35
19. Kay And The Monster, Part 2  (Stein)  1:51
20. Tony Visits Port Royale, Part 1  (Stein)  1:50
21. Brad Rescues Tony, Part 2  (Rosen)  1:22
22. Henry’s Trap  (Rosen)  :50
23. Clay Meets A Badman  (Rosen)  2:25
24. That Hand Again  (Stein)  1:02
25. Monster Caught  (Mancini)  1:04
26. Minyora’s Plan  (Mancini)  :59
27. Monster Gets Mark, Part 1  (Mancini)  2:14
28. Monster Gets Mark, Part 2  (Mancini)  2:49
29. End Title  (Salter)  1:54
30. End Cast  (Stein)  :27

The Alligator People  (1959)
   (Irving Gertz)    [16:16]

31. Main Title  2:00Our Mascot!
32. Truth Serum  1:51
33. Shocker (Part II)  :47
34. Dark Memories  :59
35. The Swamp  1:12
36. Cobalt Bomb  1:11
37. His Mother  1:05
38. Shocker (Part I)  1:24
39. Get That Gator  :21
40. Alligator Head  1:54
41. Paul’s Death, Part I  :46
42. Paul’s Death, Part II  :57
43. The End  :17
44. Alligator Piano  1:28

   (Valeria Kellyova, solo piano)
    (Terry Glenny, electric violin)

45 - 49: “Bonus tracks!”

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