Sol P. Levy

Sol Paul Levy was born in Chicago, Illinois on July 22, 1881, attended All Hallows College, and studied music with his father and Anton Petersen.  He was first clarinetist in both the John Philip Sousa and Arthur Pryor bands, and was in charge of Victor Records' foreign orchestrating department.  A few of the silent movies Levy worked on were The Barrier, The Right To Happiness, Say It With Songs, Sealed Orders, Song Of The North, and World In Flames, and he wrote cues such as “Indian Misterioso,” “Dramatic Conflict,” and “Sinister Theme.” 

His songs included “Because You Say Goodbye,” “Hunka-Tin,” and “Roses That Die Bloom Again.”  He was one of the founders of Belwin Music, which published his piece “A Cannibal Carnival” in 1920.  The composer died in New York, NY on February 14 of that same year, right after achieving fame for his song “That Naughty Waltz.”


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