After Katy Mayne has finished orchestrating a cue in full score format, she uses a professional engraving program to input the notes into her computer.  This allows her to do a number of things.  First, it makes a more legible version of the full score so she, the conductor, the engineer, and the producer can use identical copies during the recording sessions.  Second, the computer program can generate all the individual player’s parts from the information she’s inputted during the creation of the full score.  This saves a lot of time, since the parts don’t have to be inputted in addition to the scores, although they do need a lot of “fine-tuning.”

Finally, her MIDI program can play back the inputted notes through her synthesizer, so that she can hear her reconstruction.  While the synthesized version does not really let you hear the music played in any sort of enjoyable fashion, you can use the program to play back the individual player’s parts (flute, oboe, violin, trumpet, etc.), and this can allow you to double-check for errors made on the original music sources or errors made when inputting the notes into the computer.

Below is what the computer-generated Flute 1 part looks like for Herman Stein’s “End Cast” from It Came From Outer Space.  If you click on this sound link, you can listen to the flute part as played by Kathleen’s synthesizer.

Flute part for End Cast

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