Here is page two of the reconstructed full score from Herman Stein's "End Cast” from It Came From Outer Space, printed out by the computer engraving program.  The entire full score for this :56-long cue is five pages long, and that’s because it’s a slow cue.  If it were a brisk action piece, it could be two or three times longer.  It is printed on 11” x 17” paper, so multiply this by hundreds of thousands of cues in the history of Hollywood, and you have an idea why the studios tossed out a lot of their full scores.  If you click on this sound link, you can listen to the full-orchestral version of this cue as played by Kathleen’s computer/synthesizer that was used to create the scores and parts.

Full Score of End Cast

When all the music has been reconstructed, and all the parts and full scores are printed, you then get the scores to a world-class conductor -- in our case Masatoshi Mitsumoto.  After he studies the scores and the films endlessly, you hop on a plane, record with a superb orchestra (in this case the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Cracow), and when all the orchestra members play their individual parts, the finished result sounds like this.

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